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father daughter nudism
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She behaved exactly as she had before all this, completely natural, happy and at home — the only difference was her nudity. But I hadn't seen her in the altogether for many, many years — not since the time when her mother was still alive. Rather, nudism was an innocent celebration of nature and the natural body, and she had come to feel that some parts of her body should be thought of as needing to be hidden, while others were not. She sported tan-lines — white skin over her breasts and at her waist and crotch, in the shape of an invisible bikini, surrounded by slightly darker tone. The final clue I should have observed came when I realised she had stopped wearing a nightdress or pyjamas to bed.

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Angela. Age: 29.
father daughter nudism

Sam was stood in the doorway to my study, completely naked.

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Evie. Age: 27.
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My Daughter the Nudist

We'd had a usual evening, a nice meal and a catch up on some television, before I had gone up to my study to catch up on some work. Are you going to put some clothes on? This was maybe 3 months away from Sam's 19th birthday. That had been, I realised, the reason she had often been upstairs when I had returned home from work — she'd been naked, and had rushed off to her bedroom to put her clothes on when she heard my car pulling up. In the past, I had become used to coming home and finding her watching TV in the living room, but much more often now, she would descend the stairs to greet me as I came home instead. I didn't skimp on the quality — each one I bought was as small as possible, while still delivering full colour HD quality images. Now, I'd seen my daughter without her clothes on before — what parent hasn't?

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