Wanking in the shower

wanking in the shower
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Stand-up Shower The stand-up shower is now the social norm in suburbia. Introduction Masturbation is the common factor that all human beings share. I honestly can't believe I just read ALL of that. However, if you flood your tub not possible in the Walk-in shower , the semen floats above the floor and almost never gets stuck to the wall. Hair in the drain is a huge set-back if you live with a girl or hippie.

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wanking in the shower

Oct 15, 5, 1, Scotland.

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The type of shower you have could have powerful repercussions on how you go about doing your dirty business. What's the one place where you're literally surrounded by lube-like products? Check the drain, make sure there's no hair left, and make sure that the semen isn't hanging for dear life from the drain itself. Wank a little bit before entering the shower. Put your lube back on the shelf, and if you used a lot of it, make sure you put some in your hair to alleviate any doubts that you didn't use the lube for your hair. Dec 26, 33, 1, Los Angeles. Imagine the semen getting caught in that stuff.

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