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I suppose the unintentional bully could then go out on workers' comp as well, having been victimized by a mean and vicious label. I Need Workers' Comp Insurance. He firmly believes that everyone has the right to his Bob's opinion, and while he may not always be right, he is never in doubt. You may access his Speakers Brief here. They probably are all home on leave, awaiting their first comp checks. These codes would be admissible in court cases, and would allow for employees to collect workers' comp when they are victims of workplace meanies and bad, bad men.

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I would rather be known as an unintentional bully; a person too stupid to know that their behavior is evil, hurtful and beneath contempt.

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Enter at your own risk, and like all of our blog areas, we encourage you to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. There have been 3 comments made! Member Login Don't Have an Account? You must Login or Register in order to read and make comments! I am left to wonder, at what point does an employers responsibility for an employees health, well being and happiness end?

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