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Repressed and harbored feelings and hidden emotions that had simply bubbled over to far? She shrieked as she reached climax, triggering his own. He was known to have sex with a girl and then simply leave her. But deep down, Mugen had always had a soft spot for the girl. She felt him tug at the thin strings, and they tumbled down over her chest, revealing more of her warm flesh.

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Her heart was beating faster than it ever had, and she felt as if her chest was about to burst.

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Samurai Champloo

Why was he toying with her? Swimming Naked: Fuu crept out back, tossing her towel on the deck and stripping herself of her jean shorts. She suddenly began to breathe heavier, and he also felt himself reaching the edge. Had he not been telling her earlier that she could burn in hell and let the crows eat her for all he cared? She felt herself beginning to tighten around his talented fingers, and her eyes slid closed. Who had been the one to jump in and save her ass, four eyes? As his rough hands expertly massaged her shoulders, Fuu almost asked him to stop.

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