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More and more people in my age range are getting STIs and worse. Afterwards, he sleeps in completely clobbered stillness and leaves the next morning like a gentleman. I start to cry and realise how much I really love and miss him. But I have to find out, as every woman does. I love their hopefulness, kindness and interest. Yes, I find a few more men and they are, every single one of them, sexy and gorgeous. Do I have online porn to thank for this?

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Aitana. Age: 25.
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I actually have to be prepared and careful.

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Ruth. Age: 20.
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Mainly, they are confident and happy and they know a lot more about sex than they should. I may be closer to 60 than 50 but a lifetime of care and good genes mean I can pass for 42 and I do. I must smell different or something. He feels amazing, seems pleased enough and I almost snog the life out of him. I never expected danger here. I worry that my pelvic floor is going to cave in like a Chilean mine. Laurett Fenn is a pseudonym.

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