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His perfectly symmetrical face? Then we cut off his pecker and made him eat it and say it was good. He declared himself bi-athletic, playing football for the Raiders and baseball for the Royals. Apparently so did Nike, because many reproductions of that image covered up his crotch with ad copy or started at his midsection. It was a height of the culture wars and of identity politics, which pitted creative people against moralists and artists against one another. But there is a recent history of black people daring to create one.

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His body was then driven back to town and strung up in an oak so that the full mob could have its way.

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Why Pop Culture Just Can’t Deal With Black Male Sexuality

This one gathers a group of barely acquainted people — all positioned on negligibly opposite sides of morality, history and the law — and traps them, Agatha Christie-style, in a shack during a blizzard. In the photos, black men sit and stand and contort themselves for portraits, from entirely nude to fully clothed. But there is a paradigmatic black one, and how do you stunt-cast for that? One of them was lean, very fit, a shade darker than I am and, incredibly enough, named David. With Larry Blackmon, I figured I was supposed to look at his crotch and probably laugh. Then we cut off his pecker and made him eat it and say it was good.

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