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How to avoid these common blow job mistakes. The adrenaline rush combined with her skill gave me the best orgasm I've ever had from a blow job. Bear that in mind while you read the following stories from men and people with penises who describe in detail the best BJs they've ever had. She then slipped a finger in my ass and that was it. She was practically French kissing the head and playing with the tip of my foreskin using her lips and tongue. Kate Middleton reunites with her former teachers.

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Elle. Age: 30.
best bj scene

She demonstrated to me the Three Points of Blowjob Perfection: mostly slow, medium speed at most.

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Zelda. Age: 29.
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She wasn't hugely experienced, her technique wasn't elaborate or special , but no one - not even very experienced, porn-emulating blow job-givers encountered before or since - has even come CLOSE to providing that sensation. Her tongue just swirled around and I kept thrusting into her mouth. She then started to jerk me off and proceeded to tongue fuck my ass she was into that and I of course loved it. It felt like I was having multiple orgasms. Then she started deepthroating me, licking the base of my cock with her tongue while I was deep inside her mouth. When I came, it was like a seizure.

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