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They arrive and Hayley acts as an intermediary between the two as they work out their differences. Sign In Don't have an account? Hayley confronts Gwen about her stunts and she agrees to go with a word of warning for Francine. Now and Gwen Francine's sister Gwen comes to visit. But Gwen gets arrested for breaking her parole while Francine's charges are dismissed under a suspended sentence. As a result, she promises revenge when she gets out as Klaus finally gets to punctuate the scene after numerous failed attempts.

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Meanwhile, Klaus is concerned that Roger is missing the activities as he decides to head out to visit a former partner with whom he stole a pirate treasure with in a coma and Klaus volunteers to be his stand in for providing drama emphasis by flicking the lights and making thunder sounds.

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Now and Gwen

The next day, the family prepares for her visit although Hayley recalls her criminal activities and is less than pleased about her arrival. Gwen continues her scams as Hayley tries to convince her to quit supporting her. Francine has a nightmare about her sister Gwen burning down a school but is saved by Scott Baio. Roger arrives as a prison guard to chastise him for playing with the lights. Her first order of business is to get the family to provide a cover story for her probation officer.

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