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She tells her tale while stark naked and splay-legged, nattering on about a goofy mishap that never happened while giving her lover the full Penthouse centerfold view. Like Charlie, the viewer gets the suggestion of an eyeful without Gugino giving anything away. But we are freshly finished with a season during which a major topic of conversation concerned the inability of certain men to believably, respectfully write women characters, specifically the two male co-creators of the biggest series on television. She's pragmatic, cool, a woman of few words and subtle expressiveness that speaks volumes. It also lives on Cinemax, where its nine-episode season is currently airing Fridays at 10 p. All of it augments the world he built to give Gugino, his partner since , a role that maximizes her acting talents first and foremost while also paying homage to her famous physical assets. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:.

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Jane. Age: 23.
criminal minds cast nude

Throughout the story, the script emphasizes her brains over her brawn, and when bullets enter the picture, just about everything goes awry.

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Lailah. Age: 22.
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Depictions of casual sex can have a purpose, mind you. When nudity and sex enter the picture, a story becomes more fraught with concerns about exploitation and critiques over gaze. Not surprisingly, out of the top films in , only 33 depicted a female lead or co-lead. Jett exercises different types of loyalty in her personal life and in business. Out of those films only five of those roles were played by female actors age 45 or older.

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