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Hmm sounds a lot like cell technology and how cell towers work if you ask me. Got a reference for that, Russ? It goes well beyond smart meters. The genie these technologies is out of the bottle. I have never seen one employee complaining about the wage. Additional EMF are a concern only if you have early stages of cancer, and if you do, remember this: Cancer cells cannot survive in an Alkali -1 to -6 PH opposite of acid environment.

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The energy consumption of each device will be monitored by the utility, and the utility will have the capability to remotely control all of these devices in your home, putting your TV or computer in sleep mode, for example.

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Screw PGE and all the employees that work for them. Bernard Tribukait, professor of radiology, Karolinska Institudte in Stockholm reported that fetuses of mice exposed to EMF pulsed CTR type fields had greater incidents of congenital malformation than unexposed mice. Where did I state no risk of cell phone? Send pics, video and tips to CCN. In summer , scores of consumers in Bakersfield and elsewhere complained that the meters were causing wild spikes in their electric bills. I have contracted for PGE and have seen the lazy baffoons first hand.

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