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carla gugino bikini pics
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The man-munching superagent Amanda Daniels on Entourage. The pregnant retired porn star in Women in Trouble and Elektra Luxx. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. A high stucco wall on a leafy street near the Hollywood Bowl, its lines broken at the center by an unlikely pair of primitive wooden doors painted a garish shade of blue. Her hand is extended in antic formality. It's this kind of thinking that has been Gugino's blessing and curse: Having carved out a rare niche for herself as a working character actress, she's largely disappeared into her roles, some of which were not very big to begin with. Forty years old, Gugino is the daughter of an Italian orthodontist and a self-styled bohemian who fled the bonds of marriage to live for some time with her young daughter in a tepee by a river.

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carla gugino bikini pics

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Marshal, star of the TV drama by the same name. Fox's girlfriend during the first season of Spin City. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Gugino shuttled between the two parents. Abby Rhoads, attorney, on Californication : Who better to defend and summarily ravish you in your hour of legal need? Next up: The Mighty Macs out October 21 , a biopic about Immaculata College's Hall of Fame basketball coach Cathy Rush, who posted a 91 percent winning percentage on her way to three consecutive national women's AIAW championships in just seven years at the school.

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