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However, I have big boobs, and I find that holding up the camera myself also lifts my boobs up. Anyway, if you've decided you're ready to send a sexy pic to that dude who is actually worthy a nude, here are some tips for taking the perfect naked picture because I am a low-key expert and have taken several :. Once you've taken a photo, there are settings on your camera or phone that should allow you to adjust the lighting from there. Remember, when it comes to nudes, make sure you're ready, you feel comfortable doing it, and you're sending your unidentifiable pictures to someone who's worth it. Additionally, make sure the brightness on your phone is up all the way, because that will make the picture warmer without having to use flash. Have you been in a bathroom with fluorescent lighting before? Nudes are the candids of sexy photos, so just find a position where you feel your sexiest and start snapping away.

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Listen, if you've already decided to send a nude, then it's best not to get overly paranoid about it.

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See, it's all trial and error. Flash will turn your body into a ghost, and your guy will wonder why Casper is trying to sext him at 3 a. You're already sending a picture of your naked body, so you don't need to try too much harder than that. This is going to your boyfriend's or your crush's phone, not the cover of Vogue or Playboy. Nudes are a celebration of what you look like, not a false portrayal of whom you'd like to look like for someone else. Photoshopping too much could end up getting you into an awkward situation if you pretend to be something you're not.

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