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highschool of the dead poster
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Shido , mainly because Shido held her back a year at school and caused trouble for her father. Happily, she meets Rei and the group and they head to Shintoko Third Elementary School to join the other survivors. He refers to the zombies as "them" since they are not quite like the ones seen in movies, and that becomes the name for any zombies the main group encounters in the series. He finds this behavior acceptable during the group's "free time". She refers to herself in the third-person.

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Holland. Age: 31.
highschool of the dead poster

The group uses Rika's apartment to rest after they escape the high school.

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Paityn. Age: 27.
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Gakuen mokushiroku: Highschool of the dead

In the English dub of the anime, she goes by the name Arisu. Shido reappears at the entrance to Shintoko Third Elementary School, which is a gathering point for some of the survivors. Before the events of the series, Rei made a pinky promise to marry Takashi, but because of his indecisiveness, Rei started dating Hisashi. Koichi Shido is the son of Ichiro Shido, a politician. He and Rei are childhood friends and also in the same class.

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