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If seeing adorable puppies and kitties cures ills, Google exists. These traits trigger our caretaker response. But cute online animals are the least of our problems. But a certain subcategory of people who are Going Through It will tweet or post a Facebook update asking people to send them photos of cute pets dogs, cats, birds, the species is mutable but the sentiment is the same in order to make them feel better. If I don't send a photo of my roommate's 40 pound cat, am I a bad friend? I have to admit that I have asked friends privately to send photos of their pets when I'm feeling bad, or when I've just finished venting about some sorry situation in my life and I want to redirect the energy to something more positive.

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Here's one, let me know if it makes you feel better:.

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The requester gets to admit they're not doing so great, and those on the receiving end get an open door invitation to post photos of their animals. Sending cute pictures is one of the creative ways we can show other people support online," Vogel said. Science backs this up: A study published in showed that people who watched internet cat videos reported feeling less anxiety, sadness, and annoyance after their binge sessions. I asked Ken Klippenstein, who made the tweet above, why he felt compelled to ask the internet for some cute pics on a rough day. These traits trigger our caretaker response. Maybe people actually are healed via internet puppy photos, and I am just severely cold-hearted and irony-poisoned.

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