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naruto vocaloid
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Now she's poor and living alone in a small apartment. She has two sleeves at her arms, gray wit blue edges, and a skirt with a blue strip. As she was small, she didn't just train shooting on targets, she also learned taijutsu because clanmembers always talk that it's really important, and she thought that whould please her dad. Miku is a small girl with ice-blue eyes. Her first friend was Rin Kagamine. But Miku isn't weak, she actually was really strong for her age back then.

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She never uses genjutsu, so I suspect she's pretty bad.

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Averi. Age: 27.
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Miku Hatsune

Miku gained a lot of friends, as the others noticed that Miku wasn't that emotionless. She trained until she got exhausted and fell down but her father wasn't interested in. Her clan was rich and she had a luxury life, but she depended on the money of her dad, so she quit. Miku was sad then many times and she cried a lot but she ever hid it from people. Miku was like always sad because her father didn't accept her. She has, like her eyes, ice-blue hair, but her nature type is raiton, lightning style.

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