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body building hunks
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Although the training was a huge factor, my new diet also was a huge contributor in my success. I followed a new diet plan, and nutrition became a huge deal to me. I have a new found confidence and I am succeeding in all aspects of my life due to my few found happiness. People will try to tell you that you have no chance and that your dreams are only that, however I turned my dreams into a reality. I was tired of being unable to find any clothes I liked or feeling unable to take my shirt off on a summer vacation.

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Anastasia. Age: 30.
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People often look around for answers and help, they need someone to motivate them, however for me I didn't need any help or external motivation, I knew exactly what I wanted to look like and I knew that nothing would stop me from doing so.

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Sofia. Age: 29.
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Body Transformation: Ross Went From Chunk To Hunk

Starting training was very much a trial and error basis, learning what worked for me and what didn't. One thing I believe is that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another so I have never really followed a specific program, just what feels right for me. Ross longed for the confidence that comes with being physically fit. Starting off I also had a few hugely inspirational role models. At the beginning I found it tough but now I don't even believe I am on a diet, I just call it healthy living and staying fit.

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