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MBBs Male bubble butts, of course are round, perky, and look good in anything or nothing. MBBs also lead to equality in the bedroom; when you're the big spoon, you're in control. A male bubble butt is the round and delicious-looking tush that backs up into you in a crowded elevator even though you thought he was four inches farther forward. Bubble butts are the best butts. Did you know dress pants need something to drape off of? Michael Strahan Getty Images.

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Give us man butts equal to the impressive female butts we see on the cover of Ass Monthly or whatever those magazines are that show women squatting in G-strings on their covers.

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Caroline. Age: 21.
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Back That Ass Up: An Ode to the Male Bubble Butt [Slightly NSFW]

You rarely hear a song dedicated to man booty, and straight men aren't typically posting belfies all over the Internet to show off their rear cantaloupes. Bubble butts are the best butts. Want social equality of the sexes? When you're with a bubble butt, you'll actually want to be the big spoon. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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